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Minister In The Spirit 6-CD Audio Series


You Can Prophecy 3-CD Audio Series



The Ministry Gifts Power Pack includes two of our best products on ministry gifts, for those desire to strengthen the power and effectiveness of their ministry and spiritual gifts:


Minister In The Spirit

Are you ready to walk in your ministry calling?

This audio series will allow you to discover the tools you’ll need to answer the ultimate call to ministry: preach the gospel with signs following. Discover how to minister with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. Here’s what Dr.  Shane Wall covers in the 19 audio lessons (over 6 hours of teaching) included in this package:

Your Calling Into Ministry

The Awareness of  Your Calling • Who Are You, Really? • Entering Your Calling • Defining Your Ministry

Your Prayer Life

Private Life • Discoveries Made in Prayer • The Two Focuses of Prayer • Distracting Thoughts During Prayer • The Holy Spirit Leading Prayer • Praying Before Ministering • Fasting

Ministry Engagements

Motive For Ministry • Your Specific Anointing • Invitations vs. Assignments • Arrival Interactions • Music While Ministering • Delivering the Sermon • After Delivering The Sermon

Power Up!

The Fruit of the Spirit • The Gifts of the Spirit • Ingredients for Power • Power Points

You Can Prophesy

You have a prophetic ministry inside of you!

Uncover the secret to prophesying accurately with authority, combined with the power of the Holy Spirit, with this 2-CD audio series by Dr. Shane Wall.

The Bible is clear that everyone can prophesy.

Dr. Wall teaches you how to discover your prophetic ability while avoiding all of the fears and other encumbrances that affect many who desire to be used by God in this unique gifting.

Three content-rich lessons:

  • Why You Should Prophesy
  • Integrity in the Prophetic Ministry
  • How to Prophesy Accurately

These lessons will give you the teaching and training you need to begin being used almost immediately.

The basis and validity for this teaching? Dr. Shane Wall highlights and imparts wisdom and understanding from the Word of God concerning prophetic ministry and reveals secrets that most are not aware of, pertaining to the ministry of prophecy.

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Minister In The Spirit 6-CD Audio Series

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You Can Prophecy 3-CD Audio Series

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